Nicaragua’s economic stability guarantees more jobs and foreign investment

  • A. Baltodano

El 19 Digital: Tuesday May 5th 2015 | Tania Cerón Méndez

The economic and legal stability of our country guarantees macroeconomic development, while allowing the creation of jobs and opportunities for Nicaraguans, so it was announced by Alvaro Baltodano, Presidential Delegate for Investments, who also said, that many foreign companies are willing to invest in several areas of our country.

Baltodano stated that this year is expected to achieve good results in terms of exports, investment and jobs, he also highlighted that one of the areas of greatest growth is the textile-clothing sector, which has attracted the interest of large companies.

"There is a Canadian company that is already operating in Nicaragua, generating six thousand jobs with a plan for  investment growth, its growth will be reflected in an increased job creation of 10 thousand seats, is a company that has chosen Nicaragua, action that drives export and investment growth, "he said.

Another sector that has increased in job creation is the Outsourcing sector, which has generated one thousand direct jobs, presenting a growth trend and is expected that at the end of the year, the amount increase to 1,500 jobs in this sector.


More investment in Dairy Sector

Baltodano stated that the stability climate promoted by the Central Government has allowed that two new important investment projects develop in our country, such as the dairy company LaLa and the integral meat slaughterhouse project Sukarne, which will be generating direct jobs in areas where they are operating.

"In the case of the meat slaughterhouse, we are talking about the creation of 650 jobs and concerning the LaLa group project, one hundred jobs will be created. These projects will contribute to employment, investment and export growth, since in the case of dairy, LaLa intends to export throughout the year about 15 million dollars, and Sukarne, plans to export about 60 million dollars, "he said.

Baltodano stated that the consolidation and good relations between the government and the private sector, allows more and more investors to set their sights in our country, encouraging them to invest significant amounts of capital, also he said that Nicaragua has many challenges regarding the opening of new markets.

"Investors come to Nicaragua because there is security, employment and social stability, which is appreciated by investors. Just as we have managed to grow by over 100% in the US market in recent years, we are working in market growth such as South America and Europe, "he said