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El día de ayer 27 de julio, realizaron visita los compañeros Alfredo Coronel, Vicepresidente de la Comisión Nacional de Zonas Francas, y Enrique Espinoza, Vice Ministro del Ministerio del Trabajo para Zonas Francas.El propósito de esta visita fue intercambiar experiencia sobre la producción, exportación de prendas de vestir, relaciones laborales de parte de esta empresa de inversión Coreana en nuestro País.

Nicaraguan Fruit Company, SA, is a company under the Free Zone Regime of US capital with operations located in the Community of San Blas, in the Department of Granada, dedicated to the packaging and export of fresh bananas and peeled bananas to the markets of the United States. United and Central America.

On October 2 to 4, 2019, in the city of Antigua Guatemala, the Palmero Congress was held, third edition of C / PAL 2019, organized by the Palm Growers Guild of Guatemala, an event that has positioned itself as a space, which promotes the sharing of knowledge and experiences between producers and buyers of palm oil.

This Tuesday, October 22, in Estudio TN8, we talked about the behavior of Nicaragua's Free Zones, projections for the end of the year and the perspectives for the year 2020. Alfredo Coronel, vice president of the National Free Zones Commission, was invited.

A delegation from the National Free Zones Commission visited the shrimp company, Camanica Zona Franca, S.A., located in Chinandega, department of Chinandega, confirming the enormous potential it has in infrastructure in its industrial plant. He also visited the investments in the different shrimp farms in Puerto Morazán, where he is growing steadily.

On Tuesday, December 3, a year-end meeting of the Advisory Council of the Better Work Nicaragua Program was held, in which representatives of the main trade union groups, ANITEC, representing the Textile Sector entrepreneurs and members of MITRAB and the National Commission of Free Zones.

In Ordinary Meeting No. 194 held on December 12, 2019 of the National Free Zones Commission, 7 new User Companies were approved that will be under the Nicaragua Free Zones Regime.
The approved companies are the following:
• Blue Apparel, S.A., which will be dedicated to the manufacture of clothing and will be located in the city of Managua.

• El Fumador, S.A., will be dedicated to the processing of the Tobacco leaf and be located in the city Estelí.

The Company Tabacalera Oliva de Estelí, SA-TABOLISA, dedicated to the manufacture of pure cigars for export, officially opened the doors of its facilities called TABOLISA 1, in a special opening ceremony on December 18, in the city of Estelí .

Nicaragua's Free Zones closed 2019 with 123,000 jobs and exports close to 3 billion dollars, with better prospects for 2020, the Vice President of the National Free Zones Commission, Alfredo Coronel, told PASTRAN REPORT. "The free zone industrial sectors that generate the most jobs are textile apparel with 72,080 jobs, for 68.6%; Tobacco sector with 15,231 jobs for 12.4%; Automotive Harnesses with 13,561 jobs, for 11.1%.

In 1964 the Wai family began operations with Hing Fung Printing (Dyeing Factory Limited) & Dyeing Factory Limited (Tsuen Wan, Hong Kong). Followed in 1996 with the company of Dyeing and Weaving in Xiasoshan, in 2003 they opened operations of Dyeing, Weaving and Spinning in Shaoxing, in Mainland China.

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